Custom Media Server: Ubuntu Minimal CD, Install instruction ( 1501 Download )

  1. Download Minimal CD
  2. Install Ubuntu Minimal CD to a USB-memory stick.
  3. Connect your computer (the one you want to make into a media server) to a wired connection. This is needed to download necessary software during the installation. 

    (The Custom Media Server installation will install Wicd so you later can use wireless network, but this isn't recommended.)
  4. Start your computer with the USB-memory stick plugged in.
  5. Press F12 (usually this key, but can change from different products) to enter the boot menu.
    • If F12 doesn't give you an option to choose which device to boot from, try out various F-key combinations - with several bootups.
    • I.e som HP computers uses F9 instead.
  6. Follow images below to get the best configuration - ready to install Custom Media Server afterwards.

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